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Calgary Infill Developments

Calgary's neighbourhoods close to downtown are gradually being transformed. Small older homes on large lots are being purchased for demolition and redevelopment. In neighbourhoods with R2 Zoning, single family homes are often replaced with multi-story semi-detached homes. Infill contractors must apply for a demolition permit from the City of Calgary before proceeding with their project.

Typical Calgary Neighbourhood before Infill Development

Water Dr. Building Demolition

Once demolition permits are obtained and services are disconnected, Water Dr. demolishes the building and digs out the old foundation. All material from the building and foundation is removed from the site. Water Dr. also excavates for water and sanitary services.

Water Dr. will also demolish and remove detached garages in Calgary. If garages are serviced separately from the house, they also require a demolition permit.

Water Dr. Building Demolition
Calgary Neighbourhood after Infill Development
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