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Water Service Line Leaks

Homeowners are responsible for repairing leaks in their water supply lines if a leak is found on their portion of the supply line. For repairs to be completed, the city turns off the water service valve to your home. Normally, Water Dr. will excavate to the supply line and the pipe is replaced.

How Homeowners Can Check for Leaks:

  1. Turn off all faucets in your home.
  2. Check your water meter.
  3. If the dial is still spinning, you have a leak somewhere inside your home.

A leak inside the house could be something as simple as a leaking toilet.

Signs of a leak in your water service line:

What do you do?

Call 311. The city has staff that will come out to your property and check for leaks. They will determine if a leak is on your side of the water service valve, or if it is something that the city has to repair. If the city finds the leak to be on your property, you have 15 days to have a repair completed. If you need to complete a repair to your water service line, call Water Dr. at (403) 993-7867.


The city also checks for leaks proactively. If the city suspects a leak, they may request access to your water meter or shut-off valve so they can complete their investigation. For more information you can visit the City of Calgary website by clicking here.

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