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Excavation & Acreage Development

Call us before you put a shovel in the ground. Water Dr. digs test pits on your lot before construction begins. It is important to understand ground water and soil types on your new property to design septic systems. We have saved new homeowners thousands of dollars and avoided the grief of wet basements. We'll also dig your basement, grade your lot for final landscaping and build roads and driveways. Water Dr. is your turn-key solution for building, renovations or repairs on a rural property. We'll make sure you have clean water, a dry basement and an environmentally friendly solution for your waste water.

Water Dr. Basement Excavation, Calgary, AB
Water Dr. Backfilling Sub Grading, Calgary, AB

Dry Wells

A dry well is a passive structure. A dry well takes in storm water and discharges it away from the building through a number of small exit openings in the sides and bottom of the dry well. In Southern Alberta, where we can receive large amounts of rain in a short period of time, dry wells are an important component on your property to manage run-off and ground water.

Driveways and Road Building

Roads and driveways on your property require some planning and proper installation. Proper aggregate, grading, drainage and compaction are required to prevent wash outs or undercutting of paved surfaces. We will put in your gravel roadways and parking areas.

Water Dr. Road Approaches, Calgary, AB
Water Dr. Culvert Installation, Calgary, AB


We will excavate your basement for the foundation pour. We will analyze soil types and the water table depth on your property to determine a safe depth for your new basement. We also take care of the rough landscaping to make sure that water runs away from your new home, keeping your basement and your investment safe and dry.

Water Service Line Leaks

If your home is in the City of Calgary and your water service line is leaking, you are responsible for the repair. Click here for more information on repairs to water service lines.

Water Dr. Excavating:

Water Dr. Basement Excavation, Calgary, AB
Water Dr., Driveway Construction, Calgary, AB
Water Dr., Aggregates and Soil, Conrich, AB
Water Dr., Finished Landscaping, Conrich, AB
Water Dr., Road Culvert, Calgary, AB
Water Dr., Landscape Grading, Conrich, AB

Water Dr. Security Gates

Security Gates are becoming increasingly popular on rural properties. You can enhance the look of your property and keep unwanted traffic off your roadway. Water Dr. installs gates on new properties when we are building your road. Security Gates also help with site security while your new home is being built.

Available add-ons include; keypads, intercoms, lighting and solar panels (instead of running power lines from the house).

Security Gates, Calgary, AB
Security Gates - Closing Arm, Calgary, AB
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