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Packaged Treatment Plants

Water Dr. is a certified installer for environmentally friendly packaged treatment plants. These state of the art sewage treatment systems put cleaner effluent out to your leach field. The system eliminates the need for unsightly above ground venting. You won't experience any unwanted odours and your system will run longer without expensive servicing. Packaged Treatment Plants require a smaller leach field, which is an important feature to many rural property owners.

Water Dr. can install either concrete or fiberglass treatment plants on your property. When we design your new septic system, we can give you the pros and cons of each.

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants from Water Dr. are certified as meeting the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF/ANSI) Standard 40 Class 1 for Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems. This is a requirement set out by Alberta Municipal Affairs.

How Does It Work?

A typical Packaged Treatment Plant is made up of three separate tanks to process your wastewater. The first tank which is called the trash tank receives the wastewater from your home. In this tank most of the solids will settle to the bottom, to be pumped out by your septic service company. The second tank is the treatment tank, this tank receives the wastwater from the trash tank.

Most modern treatment tanks will have a system to pump air bubbles through the wastewater. This activates bacteria that consumes the organic matter in your household waste. The treated wastewater then flows into the final tank. This tank is known as the pump chamber or the dose tank. The dose tank is where the effluent pump is installed. The treated wastewater is pumped out to your leach field where it is absorbed into the ground.

Ecopod Installation

Delta Environmental Ecopod-N Wastewater Treatment Systems

Ecopod installed in a concrete septic tank

The Ecopod-N has been tested under Standard 40 & 245 of ANSI/NSF International** with an average nitrogen reduction of greater than 50%. It meets and exceeds Class 1 requirements for effluent quality.

Ecopod-N significantly reduces BOD (biological oxygen demand) and TSS (total suspended solids) Nitrification and denitrification (denitrification is a microbially facilitated process of nitrate reduction) occur in a single tank.

Ecopod-N uses a stable and reliable fixed film process. This is a preferred treatment process for on-site wastewater treatment. The Fixed Film System is a biological treatment processes. The Ecopod-N employs a solid plastic material that supports biomass on its surface and within its porous structure.

Why Water Dr. Recommends the Ecopod-N:

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