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Water Dr Inc. is a leading septic system, design, installation, and maintenance contractor in Calgary since 2004. We specialize in creating the most efficient and long-lasting septic and water management system for your home or business.

Water Dr helps property owners with planning and acquiring installation permits. We handle excavation, installation and the inspection process. Down the road we provide maintenance for your septic system.

All Types of Septic Tanks Systems

Water Dr. can repair or install any type of septic tank system for you. Our extensive experience includes:

We offer both concrete septic tanks or fiberglass septic tanks. The lighter fiberglass tanks will never deteriorate and offer many installation advantages. They can be installed without the use of heavy cranes, which can damage your lawn or landscaping.

Before we make our recommendations for the septic tank system that will best meet your needs, we dig test pits. This allows us to determine ground water levels on your property. Soil samples are used to calculate the size of your septic field. Your lot size and soil type will help us determine if you'd be better served with a modern leach field with infiltrator systems (chambers) or a more traditional pipe and gravel system.

Septic Tank Inspections

Unfortunately, septic tanks and septic systems don't last forever. Water Dr. provides an inspection service to diagnose the health of your system. We can help you determine if it's time to replace or repair your equipment.

The biggest problem we come across is the leach field failing because solids in the wastewater are getting into the dose chamber. From the dose chamber, solids can get pumped out to your leach field, which causes it to plug up. Solids can get into the dose chamber if one of the internal walls in your septic tank deteriorates.

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Septic System Products

Septic systems use a wide variety of products offered by Water Dr. including:

The heart of your septic system is the effluent pump. Water is separated from solids and is pumped out into your leach field. We install quality pumps from both Zoeller and Monarch.

More sophisticated systems include alarms and pump controls from SJE Rhombus. With a timed dosing panel, you can schedule pump times instead of relying strictly on floats. Hi-level alarms can send warnings to your cell phone that your system needs attention.

Zoeller Effluent Pumps, Calgary Alberta
Monarch Effluent Pumps, Calgary Alberta
SJE Rhombus Septic System Controls
Delta Pentair
Infiltrator Systems
Diamond Tank
Installing Infiltrator System in Leach Field, Calgary Alberta

Septic Tank Services

We will come to your aid for septic system malfunctions and failures. Home improvements, remodeling, and additions also trigger the need for septic system re-design and installation. Water Dr Inc. offers you a wide range of expert services to address your specific needs:

Water Dr. Installations:

Fibreglass Septic Tanks, Water Dr., Calgary, Alberta
Leach Field Squirt Test, Water Dr., Calgary, Alberta
Building Sand Mound, Water Dr., Calgary, Alberta
Blower Vault - Timed Dosage, Water Dr., Calgary, Alberta
SJE Rhombus Pump Control, Water Dr., Calgary, Alberta
Concrete Septic Tank, Installed by Water Dr., Calgary, Alberta
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