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Water Wells & Pump Systems

Water Dr. can install and repair the fresh water supply system for your property as well. We have extensive experience installing pumps, pressure tanks and water filtration systems. It often makes sense to deal with one contractor for both your water supply and water treatment when you are building a new home on a rural property.

Franklin Submersible Water Well Pump, Calgary Alberta

Franklin Submersible Pumps

The standard FPS 4400 4-inch submersible pump features the Tri-Seal floating stage system. This system improves efficiency and protects against wear when pumping abrasives like sand.

Franklin Pumps, Calgary Alberta

Fresh Water Cisterns

Fresh water cisterns are used on rural properties in place of a well. Water is trucked in to fill the cistern. They are used on properties where drilling a well is not possible or practical. Some homeowners prefer a cistern for better quality water. Water Dr. can supply either concrete or fibreglass water cisterns. Fibreglass cisterns to not require very heavy equipment for installation. Lighter equipment is less damaging to existing landscaping.

Water Dr. Concrete Fresh Water Cistern, Calgary, AB
Merrill Frost-Free Yard Hydrant, Calgary Alberta

Merrill Frost Free Yard Hydrants

Water Dr. installs frost free yard hydrants by Merrill Manufacturing. This timeless design allows you to have outdoor water service year round. When turned off, the water in the hydrants drains back to below the frost line. You don't have to worry about shutting off and draining outdoor faucets in the winter months. You can also locate your yard hydrant away from the house for convenience.

The Merrill is easy to operate, you just pull up on the lever. Adjust the pressure with the lever. Quality construction gives you smooth operation of your hydrant year-round. Frost-free hydrants are perfect for Calgary weather that can fluctuate between mild and freezing temperatures within hours.

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