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Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU's)

Water Dr. is a certified installer for environmentally friendly packaged treatment plants. These state of the art sewage treatment systems put cleaner effluent out to your leach field. The system eliminates the need for unsightly above ground venting. You won't experience any unwanted odours and your system will run longer without expensive servicing. Aerobic Treatment Units require a smaller leach field, which is an important feature to many rural property owners.

Water Dr. can install either concrete or fiberglass ATU's on your property. When we design your new septic system, we can give you the pros and cons of each.

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plants from Water Dr. are certified as meeting the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF/ANSI) Standard 40 Class 1 for Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems. This is a requirement set out by Alberta Municipal Affairs.

How Does It Work?

In simple terms, there is an aeration system in the primary waste tank. Air bubbles are pumped through the waste that the tank receives from your home. This activates bacteria that consumes the organic matter in your household waste. This reduces the amount of solids and separates water that is much cleaner than from a traditional septic system. The water is than pumped out through your leach field. Because the water leaving the system is cleaner, it's better for the environment and it requires a smaller drain field.

A More Technical Explanation:

The Aero-Tech Model Septic Treatment Plant is an extended aeration, activated sludge process. In this process, microorganisms remove soluble contaminants from the wastewater, using them as a source of energy for growth and production of new microorganisms.

The organisms tend to expand and form clumps, that physically entraps particulate organic matter. The organic matter is attacked by extracellular enzymes that dissolve the solids to make them available to the microorganisms as a food source. The conversion of the organic matter from soluble to biological solids allows for the removal of the organic matter by settling of the solids in the treatment process.

The system allows microorganisms to remain in the treatment process for a longer period of time. The long aeration period allows for the organisms in the system to consume themselves reducing the total amount of solids produced.

The organisms primarily responsible for the degradation of the organic matter are aerobic bacteria. The transfer of oxygen into the wastewater by an aeration system is critical to the treatment process. The aeration system provides for the mixing of the wastewater and organisms to provide contact between the organic contaminants in the wastewater and the organisms that provide for removal of the contaminants.

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